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Happy New Year, Pat! So sorry you're positive again! But as always, you are upbeat and an inspiration to my grumpy self. Anyway, cooking has been one of my joys during my own recovery. Yesterday, I made Jamaican oxtail stew, a NY Times recipe. Substituted chuck cubes and dried cannelini beans for the oxtails and white limas. The gravy was amazing. It cooked all afternoon so the thyme, hot pepper, and allspice worked their magic. Can't wait to eat the leftovers today, when it will be even tastier. Lots of love.

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Oh Pat! What a way to bring in the new year. I'm so sorry you have it AGAIN and that you can't taste. But, how your other senses are stepping up to the plate. Fabulous! Get well soon.

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This holiday season was the holiday season that wasn't'. Steve and I had RSV after babysitting for our 3 year old grandson, so for the first time in our 46 years of marriage there was no family gathering for Thanksgiving. Our second disappointment was the cancellation of your party. Covid then stood in the way of our usual Christmas Eve celebration, my sister, Margaret, and her whole family tested positive! My brother-in-law usually smokes a brisket in the backyard for the occasion, something that our three carnivorous sons talk about all year round. And our Christmas Eve would not be complete without a game Family Feud to add to the fun, boys against girls (including my 90 year old mom) and the girls always win!

We drove to Margaret's house on Christmas Day to leave homemade mushroom soup and presents on their doorstep, and to pick up packages left for us outside their door. Christmas then felt a little more like Christmas but, let's face it, it's really not about the food and presents, it's really about being together.

Looking forward to moving forward in 2023. Happy New Year! Cheers!

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In the spirit of keeping the faith, we will always be together! Be well, my friend

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