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American food is a restless cuisine. In comparison to the rest of the world, our cooking is so young, so diverse in style, ingredients, and customs, and, as a nation of immigrants, forever changing.

This is what my newsletter explores, following the threads that bind my four books together. You’ll read about farmers trying to keep up with a changing economical and environmental landscape and a motorcycle club’s fund raising barbeque. I’ll tell you all about the first black woman to publish a cookbook (in 1866) and how to make her raspberry tea cake for Juneteenth. Take part in discussions around the political and social ramifications of the current food culture and our ever changing cuisine. Learn about some of our pioneering, but forgotten, food writers or how a race riot in the 1970s permanently changed the food culture in one city’s neighborhood. I’ll also travel to county fairs, church suppers, pie socials, harvest celebrations that have always played an important role in the development of American regional and national cooking.

With your support America Eats! highlights stories not often told in the food world explored from a historical, cultural, social, and personal perspectives. The week’s major story arrives every Tuesday at 8AM ET, just in time for a good breakfast read. Another facet to the week’s theme and a related recipe appears on Saturday around 11AM ET.

Three times a year, I publish small chapbooks on individual subjects. I just published the first, Eudora Welty’s collection of recipes, Southern Cooking. It represents the work she did in the 1930s for the Works Progress Administration and has never before been published.

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So come join America Eats!. I promise you it will be fun, interesting, and thoughtfully delicious.


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